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Pending... This is "Little Boy" and he's such a fun and energetic pup!

Pending... This is "Little Boy" and he's such a fun and energetic pup!

*ON HOLD* (Potential home awaiting him in Texas!) This breathtaking young male is actually 12 months old and full grown at 15 pounds! He's a gorgeous mame with such an amazing free spirit! He loves pretty much every dog he's ever met and he likes people too but he only gets close enough to new people so that he can smell them and show them how sassy he can be. He's somewhat cautious of new surroundings and situations. He likes everyone, however, Connor the Shiba doesn't like him back so Little Boy has stayed primarily submissive his entire young life. We enjoy giving him toys, one after the other until he has a toy overload! He loves to pack them around and we love to keep pulling them out of the toybox for him. His new owners should be confident adults. We think children will be accepted and be loved by him but he hasn't had those experiences and we'd like his new family to introduce well-mannered children slowly and one at a time so his experiences with young people are positive ones. Sometimes a Shiba Inu will get startled by a toddler's erratic behaviors and steer clear of them. This young mame has the personality and temperament we prize in this breed and has as nice and soft a fluffy Shiba Inu coat as could be imagined.

Price: $ 1,395.00
Connor the small Male adult Shiba with larger than life personality.

Connor the small Male adult Shiba with larger than life personality.

Connor is as sweet a Shiba Inu adult as I have ever had. He loves to be a part of everything. He gets along with adult dogs and calm puppies. He just likes a little space until he gets to know the new critters and surroundings. He lives to be picked up and held or even packed around. He likes to be part of whatever might be the next thing to happen. He is smaller than standard but he's not the least bit fragile. At 17 pounds he's thick and built like a tank and has beautiful fluid movement in his gait. His ideal home is with someone that can give him some routine and someone that can keep the crowds of new people and pets to a minimum. This thoughtful young adult boy will be an amazing addition to the family or individual with time and ability to get to know him. --For those that feel his price is better suited to a puppy and that an adult isn't worth this much, please consider the hundreds of puppies you'd have to raise in order to get a perfect gentleman like Connor.-- I know because over the past 26 years I have helped raise that many. Second point! He is easily a $2500 addition to the right person. That's what I paid for my first male in order to co-own him and pay to have him shown all over in order to get his championship. Connor is twice the dog I paid to co-own 25 years ago and if I didn't want to place him quickly. I would raise his price to reflect his true value except I really don't want to price him out of reach for his best future. Lastly, someone will take him and give him the future home and lifestyle he deserves or he will stay here. We've had a dozen suitors for him already and for one reason or another, we decide against letting him go. The person or family that eventually takes him will value him as priceless within days of having him in their lives. He's that once in a lifetime dog for the right person and we'll give a one-year replacement guarantee for exchange with any other puppy we raise if you prefer a puppy after taking him into your home.

Price: $ 1,295.00


We provide superior quality Shiba Inu puppies bred correctly for size, look, movement and for proper temperament.

There is a HUGE difference in a puppy raised by a professional who adheres to perfect breeding practices. You owe it to yourself to find out from a top breeder of the Shiba Inu, why correct practices will ensure you get a pet better suited to your family! We have over 20 years of very selective and carefully planned Shiba Inu breedings to produce eye-popping style and grace that is noticeable every time you see your new Shiba Inu puppy. You will benefit from a lifetime of better health and temperament! Our pet prices start at $950 and if you select one of our quality puppies, we know that you’ll be glad that you did! Call today 912-225-9737 or contact us by email. Contact us right away for information on any of the puppies above that will be ready for new homes VERY soon! Most puppies from our planned litters will be priced at approximately $1200, and sometimes more or less depending on age and their perceived potential. We are very happy to help you in choosing a wonderful Shiba Inu companion. We have a very small and selective breeding program, so if you want one of the most well-bred pups you can find anywhere, for a very reasonable price, then we’d love to hear from you.

912-225-9737 or contact us through email.

We suggest that if you are serious about owning a wonderfully well bred Shiba Inu, from top quality show lines, that you contact us by phone. Anyone can produce offspring, but very few are currently involved in properly breeding the magnificent Shiba Inu. We ship all over the United States and many other countries including but not limited to: Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and France.

Seeking an older puppy? Looking for a young adult Shiba Inu? A retired Champion or show dog? Please contact us for more info as we are always happy to assist people in finding their Shiba Inu companions!

Structure & personality are of key importance in breeding a quality Shiba Inu Puppy. Many of our adults and puppies have AKC Champion lineage.


We Can Take Requests and will honor any and all deposits until placement is fulfilled!

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