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The cost for their new potential owners drastically lowered to get quick homes while busy with family business and careers.

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Amazing mame pup born in April and ready for he new home very soon.

Amazing mame pup born in April and ready for he new home very soon.

This little girl is from a mame breeding and we are fairly certain this pretty red female with an amazing personality will only get to 11 or 12 pounds. Her coat is very thick and her eyes and tail are perfect. We have priced her far below what we generally post a pup like her to make certain we get a quick home for her because we are very busy with our professions this time of year. There is no wiggle room on the price and if it was going to fluctuate it would go up. She's going to be as nice as Tiny Tottie and for a much lower price. If you are looking for small within this breed you likely won't find something this small with the proper build like her for quite some time. Let us get her ready to fly home to you. The last puppy shipped flew on Delta Airlines for $282 which included insurance. She'll be ready to go home soon so let us help you plan for her arrival.

Price: $ 1,595.00
Bear Cub is a complete dream of a male Shiba puppy.

Bear Cub is a complete dream of a male Shiba puppy.

This gorgeous pup has such a thick and heavy sesame coat. He feels so soft and comfy and he likes to be held and will follow you around wherever you're willing to take him. He's quite an adventurous little soul. He's quite a special find and his price is far below his value! His adorable white bowtie will stay and become more pronounced and his dark facial masking will, unfortunately, go away completely within a short period of time. This adorable puppy will grow into quite a handsome adult Shiba Inu.

Price: $ 995.00
Beanie Girl with an amazing demenor!

Beanie Girl with an amazing demenor!

Now full grown at nearly 11 months old she is still quite petite and weighs just under 11 pounds. This is a video update of her taken February 2017: She has full run of our home. She interacts well with us and all animals and it is so tempting (although not logical) to keep her. We think her final weight will be somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds. She is free feeding and has no desire to overeat. She doesn't chew up our devices but loves her treats and toys! Her disposition is very calm and she is quiet all night long! She is taken outside off leash and prefers to stay nearby and will come when called. Even our standard size pups are exceptionally small when compared to the typical Shiba puppy found in a pet store environment. The median height and weight for a standard male in our care is approximately 14.5 inches and 21 pounds full grown. Now regardless of what people say their dogs weigh it has been our experience to seldom see a male Shiba Inu that was not bred by us that is not somewhere between 27 and 40 pounds! Our median female is 13.5 inches is just barely within standard size range and they weigh around 16 pounds. One of the latest new pet owners that bought from us purchased a mini Shiba Inu elsewhere and the dog they received weighed over 26 pounds when we sent her a true mame pup to be a companion to her and the oversized female. Most female Shiba Inu bred elsewhere are substantially over 20 pounds (22-27) unless they were bred by someone working hard to keep the size and proportions correct. When we have mame puppies they tend to be 11 - 12-pound female or 13 - 15-pound males when full grown. Some breeders have been known to sell the ones we sell as "small standard" incorrectly as mame. Some breeders know the difference and don't care to advertise correctly and others do not but wish to have whatever you are seeking. We've been exclusive to the Shiba Inu over 25 years and have no intent to ever misrepresent. The Mame Shiba is not large enough to be shown at conformation events, likewise, some of our small standard puppies miss the height needed for competition in shows. We only suggest a puppy is show quality if we are certain it will meet the size requirements along with other quality build and genetic factors used in determining potential.

Price: $ 1,900.00
Tiny Tottie the little sesame female Shiba Inu

Tiny Tottie the little sesame female Shiba Inu

This gorgeous little girl is the product of many years of patient breeding choices. She is a multi-generational Mame pup. We love her so much and enjoy watching her play and swim every day! She goes up to every other dog and/or puppy with a loving greeting and we couldn't have produced a more well-rounded Shiba. Tiny Tottie is almost one year old and pretty much full grown besides potentially filling out a tiny bit. She stayed very small (under 12 pounds) and we have been enjoying our time with her each day! She has the unusual shiba desire to go swimming and she goes in head first paddles around for several seconds and gets out wet and cooled off and certainly as happy as can be. She has provided many happy moments for us in our household. If we find suitable home for this little well bred darling we'll pass her along so that she can experience life with even more one on one than we can give her. She still enjoys being held just as she did when she was a little pup. She also likes giving kisses. She is somewhat defensive of her sleeping area now but not food defensive and still super cool with every other animal. If you think she'll make a perfect addition to your home, please get in contact with us right away!

Price: $ 2,400.00
Aiko "Beloved" Premium Red Female

Aiko "Beloved" Premium Red Female

This gorgeous girl is a premium, show-quality puppy. She's been a much-loved member of our family, and it breaks our hearts to see her go, but we've decided to use a stud dog in the future that is too closely related to her. We will only send her to a home that we feel will give her the love and attention that we have since she was born. She's a very curious little girl and wants to know what's going on all the time. She loves hunting, whether it's lizards outside, a stuffed toy, or even a fly in the house! If you think you can give this exceptional pup the kind of home she deserves, then contact us. In the pictures, Aiko is in the front and her mom is lying behind her. She is six months old.

Price: $ 1,800.00


We provide superior quality Shiba Inu puppies bred correctly for size, look, movement temperament.

There is a HUGE difference in a puppy raised by a professional who adheres to perfect breeding practices. You owe it to yourself to find out from a top breeder of the Shiba Inu, why correct practices will ensure you get a pet better suited to your family! We have over 20 years of very selective and carefully planned Shiba Inu breedings to produce eye-popping style and grace that is noticeable every time you see your new Shiba Inu puppy. You will benefit from a lifetime of better health and temperament! Our pet prices start at $950 and if you select one of our quality puppies, we know that you’ll be glad that you did! Call today 912-225-9737 or contact us by email. Contact us right away for information on any of the puppies above that will be ready for new homes VERY soon! Most puppies from our planned litters will be priced at approximately $1200, and sometimes more or less depending on age and their perceived potential. We are very happy to help you in choosing a wonderful Shiba Inu companion. We have a very small and selective breeding program, so if you want one of the most well-bred pups you can find anywhere, for a very reasonable price, then we’d love to hear from you.

912-225-9737 or contact us through email.

We suggest that if you are serious about owning a wonderfully well bred Shiba Inu, from top quality show lines, that you contact us by phone. Anyone can produce offspring, but very few are currently involved in properly breeding the magnificent Shiba Inu. We ship all over the United States and many other countries including but not limited to: Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and France.

Seeking an older puppy? Looking for a young adult Shiba Inu? A retired Champion or show dog? Please contact us for more info as we are always happy to assist people in finding their Shiba Inu companions!

Many of our adults and puppies have AKC Champion Sires.


We Can Take Requests and will honor any and all deposits until placement is fulfilled!

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