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Updated 05/01/2015 – NEW Champion Sired Puppies Available Today!

Look at the personality of that black and tan! Sesame’s don’t get more gorgeous than the one in this video and the red is cute as a button! These puppies are available for deposit, pick-up, and delivery at this time. Worry free shipping available to all continental US states as well as to most European & Asian countries! These pups are going to be between $1200 and $1800. If you’re looking to pay less, ask about one of our year old and older dogs.

Call 912-225-9737 to reserve your beautiful & well bred little Shiba Inu boy or girl NOW!


Link here for our list of Best Items For New Puppy Owners.




We provide superior quality Shiba Inu puppies bred correctly for size, look, movement temperament.

There is a HUGE difference in a puppy raised by a professional who adheres to perfect breeding practices . You owe it to yourself to find out from a top breeder of the Shiba Inu, why correct practices will ensure you get a pet better suited to your family! We have over 20 years of very selective and carefully planned Shiba Inu breedings to produce eye-popping style and grace that is noticeable every-time you see your new Shiba Inu puppy. You will benefit from a lifetime of better health and temperament! Our pet prices start at $950 and if you select one of our quality puppies, we know that you’ll be glad that you did! Call today 912-225-9737 or contact us by email. Contact us right away for information on any of the puppies above that will be ready for new homes VERY soon! Most puppies from our planned litters will be approximately $950 – $1200, and sometimes more due to their potential. We are very happy to help you in choosing a wonderful Shiba Inu companion. We have a very small and selective breeding program so if you want one of the most perfect puppies for a real reasonable price, then we’d love to hear from you.

912-225-9737 or contact us through email.

We suggest that if you are serious about owning a wonderfully well bred Shiba Inu, from top quality show lines, that you contact us by phone. Anyone can produce offspring, but very few are currently involved in properly breeding the magnificent Shiba Inu. We ship all over the United States and many other countries including but not limited to: Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and France.

Seeking an older puppy? Looking for a young adult Shiba Inu? A retired Champion or show dog? Please contact us for more info as we are always happy to assist people in finding their Shiba Inu companions!

Our adults and puppies all have AKC Champion Sires.


We Can Take Requests and will honor any and all deposits until placement is fulfilled!


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