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***Sold! Tottie is going to Sejin!*** This gorgeous little girl is the product of many years of patient breeding choices. She is a multi-generational Mame pup.

We love her so much and enjoy watching her play and swim every day! She goes up to every other dog and/or puppy with a loving greeting and we couldn't have produced a more well-rounded Shiba.

Tiny Tottie is almost one year old and pretty much full grown besides potentially filling out a tiny bit. She stayed very small (under 12 pounds) and we have been enjoying our time with her each day! She has the unusual shiba desire to go swimming and she goes in head first paddles around for several seconds and gets out wet and cooled off and certainly as happy as can be. She has provided many happy moments for us in our household. If we find suitable home for this little well bred darling we'll pass her along so that she can experience life with even more one on one than we can give her.

She still enjoys being held just as she did when she was a little pup. She also likes giving kisses. She is somewhat defensive of her sleeping area now but not food defensive and still super cool with every other animal.

If you think she'll make a perfect addition to your home, please get in contact with us right away!

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