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Now full grown and over a year old Cleopatra is still quite petite and weighs just under 12 pounds. This link is for a fairly recent video of her taken in February 2017: (just copy and paste the link into your browser to watch)
-This Beautiful girl is on deposit hold for Se. Congratulations!-
She has full run of our home, seldom underfoot and never barks or has issues with anything. She's just happy-go-lucky all the time. She interacts well with us and all animals and it is so tempting (although not logical) to keep her. She is free feeding and has no desire to overeat. She doesn't chew up our devices or carry off clothes or shoes. She's practically perfect in all aspects and really loves her treats and toys and other things that are given in affection.

Her disposition is very calm and she is quiet all night long wether roaming the halls or nestled into her crate! She is taken outside off leash and prefers to stay nearby and will come when called.

This girl already has a perfect personality and is proven to be completely non-destructive so if you don't need to go through puppy stages to get your fix, this darling Shiba may be perfect for you.

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