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Now full grown at nearly 11 months old she is still quite petite and weighs just under 11 pounds. This is a video update of her taken February 2017:

She has full run of our home. She interacts well with us and all animals and it is so tempting (although not logical) to keep her. We think her final weight will be somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds. She is free feeding and has no desire to overeat. She doesn't chew up our devices but loves her treats and toys!

Her disposition is very calm and she is quiet all night long! She is taken outside off leash and prefers to stay nearby and will come when called. Even our standard size pups are exceptionally small when compared to the typical Shiba puppy found in a pet store environment. The median height and weight for a standard male in our care is approximately 14.5 inches and 21 pounds full grown. Now regardless of what people say their dogs weigh it has been our experience to seldom see a male Shiba Inu that was not bred by us that is not somewhere between 27 and 40 pounds! Our median female is 13.5 inches is just barely within standard size range and they weigh around 16 pounds. One of the latest new pet owners that bought from us purchased a mini Shiba Inu elsewhere and the dog they received weighed over 26 pounds when we sent her a true mame pup to be a companion to her and the oversized female. Most female Shiba Inu bred elsewhere are substantially over 20 pounds (22-27) unless they were bred by someone working hard to keep the size and proportions correct. When we have mame puppies they tend to be 11 - 12-pound female or 13 - 15-pound males when full grown.

Some breeders have been known to sell the ones we sell as "small standard" incorrectly as mame. Some breeders know the difference and don't care to advertise correctly and others do not but wish to have whatever you are seeking. We've been exclusive to the Shiba Inu over 25 years and have no intent to ever misrepresent. The Mame Shiba is not large enough to be shown at conformation events, likewise, some of our small standard puppies miss the height needed for competition in shows. We only suggest a puppy is show quality if we are certain it will meet the size requirements along with other quality build and genetic factors used in determining potential.

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