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The beautiful red-sesame male is colored perfectly according to standards and might make a nice show prospect, however, the most important thing for Toshiaki is that he goes to a family that will love him. He loves to follow you around and get in on the action of whatever is happening in the family. He has a fearless attitude but is not dominant or overpowering to his siblings. He is from a litter of 4 perfect little puppies and has a sister half his size with almost identical coloration. Most people know that Shibas are born much darker and lighten up continuously. This is the case even for sesame but he and his sister are highly likely to keep the wildly attractive coloration of a well-done sesame coat! He's always ready to play and holding him can become addictive as he loves to shower you with puppy kisses and never tires of getting carried around to be part of the family and stay in the action. Okay, well he does... eventually get tired and fall to sleep but... after sleeping half the day away, he's back in the game! This little guy will be ready for his new home In the just after the middle of April. We expect him to easily be within the 14.5 to 16.5 shoulder height range for the breed standard and expect his height to be approximately 15 inches and his weight to be between 20 and 24 pounds.